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The Canon Continues

The new podcast from Quoir that's dismantling the sacred/secular divide two books at a time. Join hosts Michelle Collins and Danielle Kingstrom as they discuss books across various genres and topics, sharing with you the concepts and insights they discover along the way.


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Michelle Collins

Budding Psychologist and Gym Rat

Michelle is a wife and mother to 4 grown children. She served in the US Marine Corps and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology as well as additional degrees in Biblical Studies and Christian Counseling. An introvert dedicated to fitness of both body and mind, Michelle possesses the rare ability to participate in a discussion and see both sides without disparaging those with whom she might disagree.She is currently writing a book on the grief cycle applied to religious deconstruction.

Danielle Kingstrom

Provocateur and Leg Warmer Aficionado

Danielle lives in rural Minnesota with her husband and five children where they maintain a 4th-generation legacy farm raising chickens and cattle. When she is not reading, writing, or self-educating, she can be found outdoors in nature’s naked elements. Danielle is an avid gardener, lover of art, and perpetual student. Unafraid of sparking controversy, she frequently writes about provocative issues; asking challenging questions that raise a few eyebrows. She is currently working on two books.

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